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We’ve checked out Dropbox Paper and Notion – let’s take a look at the less-touted, but equally useful, Nuclino. Nuclino has the workspace feature-set down – Built-in tasks, Due dates, @mentions, Rich link previews, Quick linking (+filename), and Quick Tables – and would work well towards that purpose. Using it feels more like a it would be Dropbox Paper’s nerdier, yet easy to use cousin.

The Good

Nuclino is a dream to use and navigating and searching your workspaces is lightning fast. In fact, it seems built with search in mind.  The first thing you see right next to the application logo is the search bar. Teams with large knowledge bases will appreciate this fact. The built-in workspace views are easy to use and give great visual cues for managing your data in bulk and new ways. Google apps single sign-on means on-boarding is relatively painless for most users and despite the minimal interface, Nuclino is very visual and a delight to use.

The Bad

While this program feels quick and easy, using terms like clusters [think folders] and items [think pages or files] could be off-putting to novice users. This feels like a differentiation for no other reason than to sound fancy. Their website lists a LOT of different use-cases, but the current integration set puts this application firmly in the wheelhouse of marketing/design teams thus far.

My Recommendations

Buy in. Nuclino doesn’t seem to be branching into database territory, but the things that it does do – it does well.

Ideal User Scenarios?

Any company looking for a single source of truth. Large groups – even small groups would have no problem getting started with Nuclino.

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Snapshot – tl;dr

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Nuclino is Dropbox Paper's nerdier, yet easy to use cousin.

Minimum Comfort Level

I have FB on my phone. I have email.
My people set it up.

Setup Time

Where you can use it

, and

Ideal User(s)

Companys and small-ish teams would still benefit

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