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A few days ago I mentioned that Dropbox Paper, the first application in the Intuitive Productivity for Your Team Series, had some serious competition in this space. Let’s take a look at Notion.

The Good

I started using Notion about a year ago and instantly fell in love with the interface and ease of use.  It was able to do a couple of things more than Dropbox Paper at the time (feature parity has been achieved since),  but there are still some inherent and exclusive differences that might make this software a better alternative for your team. 

  1. The Sidebar Control Center
    • Navigate any page, or section in the workspace with ease
  2. Private pages in workspace – these show up in the sidebar.  No need to navigate elsewhere.
  3. Databases. Yup. Just that one word. 
    • Don’t know SQL?  Good!  You can view your data in a table, kanban board, or calendar view and manipulate to your heart’s content. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!
    • Database info can even be added inline in a page to mingle with other content types, such as images, or embedded documents.
  4. Windows and Mac apps are available in addition to very nicely done web and mobile applications.
  5. Dark Mode!  This is really not a deal breaker, but it is a nice plus in terms of eye strain.
Dark mode is pretty!

Not to assume that you’ve already read the Dropbox Paper article, here are what we’re considering the “standard workspace functions”:

Built-in tasks,

Due dates,


Rich link previews,

Quick linking (+filename), and

Quick Tables

The Bad

At this time Notion is very insular outside of embeddable content and in this day and age no program can be an island. Lack of true integration with popular existing applications could be a deal breaker for sea-change with teams that have existing processes and applications.   For example the calendar function of the database would make more sense if the date blocks were able to sync with traditional calendars.

My Recommendation

Also a buy.  Notion has come a long way and has some of the most responsive and active developers that I’ve ever met. That bodes very well for the long term forecast for this company.

Ideal User Scenario?

Any company that needs an intuitive knowledge base will find a lot of great use-cases for this program.  Team collaboration will be a dream and many ateam will appreciate the ability to go beyond simple tabular data without having to break out ye-olde Excel spreadsheets.

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Snapshot – tl;dr

too long; didn't read


Notion is an all-in-one personal productivity space that your team can get behind.

Minimum Comfort Level

I have FB on my phone. I have email.
My people set it up.

Setup Time

< 5 Minutes

Where you can use it

, and

Ideal User(s)


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