Evernote & Google Docs had a baby! …Makes Microsoft Word a proud Grandpappy!

Let’s get serious.

Dropbox Paper has several standout functions that make it more of a text-based productivity application than a word processor, like the ubiquitous Microsoft Word.

The Good

  • Built-in tasks,
  • Due dates,
  • @mentions,
  • Rich link previews,
  • Quick linking (+filename), and
  • Quick Tables

These mean that organizations|teams|groups will have the ability to collaborate in ways that just aren’t as seamless in Word, or even Google Docs, or Evernote.

The Bad

Dropbox is a business testing out something innovative, but new.  If they decide tomorrow that the Paper experiment is a non-starter, teams will have to find a new home for their data.  The application is rock solid and the only thing that leads me to bring this up is the fact that Dropbox, as of yet, does not add the documents in Paper to the calculations of the Dropbox storage limit, or have a meaningfully separate offering for their Dropbox Teams product.  This is a good thing now but says to me that they’re not sure where this product fits in their business model.

My Recommendation?

Proceed without delay.  If your group is managing projects with email and documents as the management software, this is the solution for you. There are enough players in this space that even if Dropbox decided that Paper wasn’t a hit today, there would be plenty of similar and safe places to land.

Ideal User Scenario?

Mostly teams, but I could see freelancers having great success with siloing DB Paper off for easy client collaboration — Yay!

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Snapshot – tl;dr

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Dropbox Paper is a single-focus note-taking app built with teams in mind.

Minimum Comfort Level

I have FB on my phone. I have email.
My people set it up.

Setup Time

< 5 Minutes

Where you can use it

, and

Ideal User(s)


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